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by Morplan | 28th September, 2015

Morplan’s knock flat rails comes in 6ft, 5ft, 4ft and 3ft lengths and a whole range of eye-popping colours, so check them out now.


Next time you go to hang some clothes up, take a quick look at your clothes rail. Chances are you’ve had it a while – but is it still meeting your needs? Believe it or not, Morplan – one of the UK’s leading wholesale suppliers to the retail industry – offers 44 different types of clothes rails… and that’s before we even begin to browse their extensive collection of clothes rail accessories – the configurations offered are almost infinite.


There are clothes rails for those on very tight budgets, those dealing with heavy garments (there are even super heavy duty rails), rails that comprise just four parts and can be dismantled in minutes without a single tool being required. Then there are higher height clothes rails, low clothes rails, extendable rails to double the capacity. Honestly, take a look – there’s a whole world of clothes rails out there. But don’t be daunted – here’s the lowdown on the most popular types:


Budget Rails

Simple – they do the job, but are keenly priced. These economy clothes rails can start from as littleas £21.95 each
with a wholesaler like Morplan, but just because the price is low,
that’s not to say thequality is too. These rails can hold up to a whopping 75kg and even come in a choice of styles
including a fishtail base – which doesn’t allow the rail to be moved
– either accidentally by acustomer, or on maliciously by a would be thief.


Heavy Duty Rails –

If you are dealing with menswear, outerwear, heavy winter clothes or wedding attire, a heavy duty clothes rail will allow you to hang your garments with confidence. Heavy duty rails will easily take a load of up to 110kg, and you can even opt for reduced height rails if you are concerned about loadbearing. The strongest heavy duty knock-flat rails are from Morplan, where a unique tie-bar design stops the legs from collapsing.


Super Heavy Duty Rails -

If the 110 kg loading of a heavy duty rail still doesn’t sound enough, Morplan do offer an even stronger version still. Their super heavy duty clothes rails will allow you to hang up to 120kg worth of garments and their Z-rail is designed to cope with uneven floors, kerbs and ramps, making these ideal for transporting clothes between stores and warehouses.


Coloured Rails –

A big trend for 2015 has been the introduction of coloured clothes rails. Morplan offers a rainbow of hues ranging from stylish, simplistic white to shocking pink, sky blue, orange and even an eye-popping zesty shade of lime green. So why not funk up your clothing displays by adding a splash of colour with a new coloured clothes rail or two from Morplan?


Children’s Rails –

As the purpose of a good clothes rail is to allow clothes to hang freely, while taking up a minimum amount of space, it makes sense for children’s retailers to bring things down a level – nearer the eyes of the beholder – with purpose designed children’s clothes rails. These come in a range of height and length options and can even be configured to hang the tiniest of baby clothes.


Folding Rails –

Foldaway rails are a great investment for rails that will be in storage or on the road regularly because they don’t have many pieces that can go missing – the legs are usually hinged with the base leaving you with just the top rail to add on.  They often have extendible arms too making them extra versatile.


Extending Rails

Whether you have just two feet of space in a cloakroom or six feet on the shop floor, our extending rails will maximise the number of garments you
can store/display.Extending rails are perfect for  small businesses who need to be able to adapt to changing seasons and external sales opportunities
but who may have limited storage space and/or funds.Display Rails For really eye-catching displays, or to utilise a specific area, such as a corner,
it’s worth investigating what are known as display rails. 
These can come in circular configurations – perfect for maximising a prime spot, or with
double hanging options – great for confined spaces or storage purposes.
Portable Clothes Rails – If you need to take your clothes rails on the road
with you, it’s worth checking out the latest portable clothes rails companies like Morplan have to offer. 
As well as genuine portable hanging
rails and sacs, they offer vehicle rails to immediately transform boot space into a hanging wardrobe.The concept couldn’t be simpler, but the result is
brilliant. Vehicle rails simply clip onto the passenger grab handles in your car or van so that within seconds anybody in the company’s vehicle can be
transformed – ideal for dry cleaners and ironing services.Hopefully this quick blog will have inspired 
you to make sure you are getting the most out of
your hanging rails, but the experts at Morplan, have a few final tips they’d like to share on the subject:

  • Choose the right knock-flat rail and it can be dismantled/assembled in minutes – without any tools. If that sounds too good to be true,
    check out this short video which illustrates just how simple and quick it is to put a four piece Morplan rail together. is often confusion about bases.
    While you can choose castors that have brakes on.


  • It’s worth being aware that fishtail style rails (where the base legs flair out like a mermaid’s tail) have no castors so are static and can’t be moved
    – either accidentally by customers, or purposely by thieves attempting to run out with an entire rail.


  • In terms of finish, chrome is the most hard wearing but black is initially the most economical. And if you want to be bang on trend, check out
    this year’s recently launched range of coloured rails. Always check out the accessories available for clothes rails – these can quickly and inexpensively
    change the way you use a rail – adding sales messages for example, or product information.


  • Or totally transform the way you use your rail from season to season by looking for optional extras such as wire shelves, rail covers, castors, extension
    posts and centre rails so that whatever rail you opt for, you can really make it an investment, versatile piece of kit.


Morplan are the leading supplier of clothes rails in the UK so check out their extensive range of rails and accessories here. If you haven’t ordered from
them before, rest assured that they won’t be beaten on price and their wholesale prices only get better the more you order.



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