If the Price is Right! Pricing Guns from Morplan.

by Morplan | 20th May, 2015


Peace of mind with every Pricing Gun purchased. 100% Superb quality guaranteed!   


With so many pricing guns to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. Some customers are based on finding the best solution to a unique task or challenge, while other’s are very focused on finding the best price. At Morplan, we take both of these aspects into consideration and offer the customer the highest quality Pricing Guns and Labels available for a truly fantastic price!


  • The Smart one line is for fast and efficient pricing or coding, and comes with 18,000 FREE Peelable labels.
  • The QuickTag one line is strong, lightweight and makes price dialling easy and accurate.
  • The Mk2 two line lives up to its name, the top line has 10 numerical bands, the bottom has 1 currency band and 9 numeral bands. Also features £, euro and p.
  • The Paxar premium guns are made from polycarbonate which is almost unbreakable, also comes with a full one year guarantee.
  • Sato labelling guns are user-friendly with bright yellow set-up dials, they are simple, lightweight and has an easy ticket loading and ink roller replacement.
  • The Avery Dennison pricing guns brings you the ultimate in ergonomics and reliability, the labels are easy to load and makes replacing the ink roll simple with no mess involved.






Let us know what Pricing Guns & Labels you have purchased by tweeting us at @Morplan_ltd and hashtagging #morplanpriceguns!

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