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by Morplan | 29th May, 2015

thumbnailWhatever retail outlet you run, there’s only one type of gun you ever want to see being held up… The pricing gun, of course. While it may be a tedious process labelling item after item, spare a thought for shopkeepers of days gone by who would have had to write out labels by hand. Now, with so many types of gun and label available, it’s easy to become baffled by the choice so we spoke to the experts at Morplan for an overview of what’s what.


Pricing for Pricing Guns

Flick through the screens of pricing guns offered on Morplan’s website and you may be startled to learn that they range in price from a great value £14.95 own brand starter gun set (coming with 7,500 labels) through various brands (think Smart, Sato, Nor 2/9, Samark and Avery Dennison) right up to top end Paxar premium gun that offers two lines of print, an ergonomic design for comfort and ease of use. True it won’t leave you much change to buy labels out of £100 but you’ll be investing in a superb quality gun that is almost unbreakable and so is confidently offered with a year long guarantee.


That said, all of the pricing guns Morplan sells come with a 14 day no quibble guarantee – it’s just one of their standard offerings, while their own brand Essential Quick Tag Guns & Labels are covered by Morplan’s Price Match Promise. Of course, as the leading UK wholesaler to the retail industry they offer even greater discounts for bulk orders but while you’d hope not to be needing to buy pricing guns in bulk too often, depending on the type of items you sell you can race through labels.


Labels, labels and more labels

There are literally hundreds of types of labels offered to go with pricing guns. We’re talking SALE, Reduced or Was/Now branded, peelables, permanent, yellow labels, red labels, tailors adhesive labels which should peel cleanly off fabric and even double or triple lined ones that will allow for price reductions to be clearly shown. Morplan even offer a personalising service which enables you to order labels that have been pre-printed with your logo on. If you are feeling bamboozled by the choice and worried about which will fit your pricing gun its probably wise to request a free label compatibility guide.


To view the entire range of price guns and promotional labels check out now.


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