The Right Tools For the Job – Your Sewing Starter Kit

by Morplan | 24th February, 2015

If you’ve been inspired by the current trend to sew your own threads or embark on a crafting project you’ll need a bit of kit. Get the right basic tools for the job and your whole project will be so much easier.

Don’t be daunted by the huge range of sewing related tools there are – at Morplan we have over 50 pages of garment making tools in our catalogue, and more online, but many of these are geared towards the professionals. If you are just starting out, the following are the sewing essentials we think you will need to get started:

Dressmaking scissors or tailors shears – there are lots of scissors and shears to choose from but to start with just make sure you choose a pair that are comfortable. We suggest you could start with Fiskars scissors for fabric cutting. You need a small pair of pointed embroidery scissors or snips for thread trimming and a neat finish. If you are feeling bolder consider buying a good pair of tailors shears, you could start with Mundial 26cm (10 ¼) or perhaps a set of pinking shears to stop your edges from fraying.

A tape measure and a clear graded ruler that allows you to see the fabric beneath as you measure – you don’t need anything fancier than these for now.

Straight pins – go for the ones with the nice coloured bobbles on the top. These pinheads not are not only easy to see, but you can choose from Straight pins plastic pinhead pins orglass pinhead pins (which won’t melt under the heat of an iron). A pin cushion is useful, and consider buying a magnet for finding the pins you have dropped.

Fabric marking pen, pencil or tailors chalk – Whatever you do, don’t reach for the nearest biro to mark your measurements on your fabric! If your measurement markings remain visible on the end product, all your fine efforts will be compromised. Instead choose a fabric marking pen, pencil or marking chalk that won’t leave any tell tale lines.

Thread, we offer a large selection of colours, you only need a few colours to get you started we suggest; Black, white, beige, grey, navy or the colours you need for your project. Contrast sometimes works well on a project like jeans. Our only other tip would be to look for thread that seems to have a smooth finish as this is indicative of its quality.

A seam ripper – now this may sound professional but others call it a stitch unpicker – which is exactly what it allows you to do – unpick stray stitches neatly and easily. It is perhaps the most vital piece of kit for a beginner who may need to undo the odd mistake!

Thimble – these may look like a blast from the past but a thimble is many a seamstress’ best friend, particularly when using heavier fabrics that require a little more force to push the needle through and can therefore end up giving a sharper jab into an ill-placed finger on the other side! We’d recommend you go for a metal one – it’s meant to protect you after all, so anything flimsy defeats the object.

Hand sewing needles – are of course the most vital element of any sewing kit. Choose a pack that offers a selection of sizes so you can work according to the fabric you are using. If you are struggling to thread your needle why not use a needle threader.

Safety pins – you probably have these all around the house, but a neat tin full of them in your sewing box, will save you time.

Tailors Dummy is useful if your flair lies in dress making. The adjustable range is a good place to start with plenty of flexibility to fit your size. Consider using calico to test your design before buying expensive fabric.

Get the sewing essentials right and you are a good way to ensuring the success of your sewing or crafting project. As you become more competent, or ambitious, you will no doubt wish to add to your collection – perhaps with more specialist shears, or more technical pattern cutting equipment – but whatever your sewing kit requirements you are sure to find all you need at Morplan. As the leading wholesaler to the UK’s retail and fashion industries there are literally thousands of specialists products to choose from – all selected by buyers who are experienced in their particular sector, and all at unbeatable prices.

Shopping List

Fiskars Dressmaking scissors (lightweight 24cm)
Mundial tailors shears 26cm
Mundial embroidery scissors (11cm)
Kai pinking shears
Thread snips
Dual marked tape measure
Metric patternmaster
Glass head pins
Standard no trace marker pen
Chalks minipack
Black thread 1000m
White thread 1000m
Small stitch unpicker
Standard thimble
Pack of assorted sewing needles
Assorted safety pins
Female adjustable tailors dummy sizes 10-16

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