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by Morplan | 19th June, 2015



Wrapping a customer’s purchase in Tissue Paper not only protects their goods, but adds an extra layer of panache. Enhancing the customer’s perception of your shop as a high quality establishment. You can always use a branded sticker to secure the Tissue Paper wrapping, and ensure you leave your logo/shop name stuck in their mind. Not to mention, most of the Tissue Paper we stock is Acid Free, driving Morplan as one of the leading Retail Suppliers concious of the environment and it’s well being.


Our range of Acid Free Tissue Paper are specially processed to stop the chance of it becoming acidic and brittle with age. When wrapping your customer’s item you want full piece of mind that the acidity will not transfer causing these objects to become weaker and possibly discoloured. We can vow that there’s no need to worry once the item is wrapped and then sold to the customer. On top of that our Tissue Paper is guaranteed colour fast, so if by any chance it would get wet either in storage or in the hands of the customer, there is no chance of colour run ruining already wrapped objects.


Morplan has a rainbow of over 20 colourful shades of tissue paper in stock and in a choice of wholesale quantities so you can be selective in ensuring your brand is reflected in your packaging just as you would like it to be. Some of the beautiful colours we supply include Metallic Shades such as Gold and Silver, cool sophisticated colours including Black, Grey and Luxuriously White, or for a more warmer feel maybe Pink, Red or a shade of Orange will fit your taste.


With an excellent array of shades and colours, you can display the mood you are trying to achieve indefinitely, whether you are looking to wrap up the customer’s purchase, or use sparingly to add a bit of glamour, we are confident the convenience of our range will help you with the smooth running of your business, That said, all of our Tissue Paper comes with a 14 day no quibble guarantee, giving you all the more reason to shop with us!



Coloured_Tissue Metallic_Tissue Pattered_Tissue White_Tissue



For any enquiries regarding Tissue Paper tweet us at @Morplan_ltd or call our Special Orders Team 0330 44 55 666

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