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It's a Wrap!

by agillespie | 23rd February, 2015

As a consumer yourself, you will no doubt be aware of the importance of beautiful packaging. You can probably name the stores that spend that little extra time lovingly tissue wrapping your purchase before popping it in a luxurious laminated carrier bag. But when was the last time you re-evaluated the way you wrap your goods?

Layers of tissue paper are primarily added for protection – particularly of delicate items and fabrics. However, the way in which you wrap your customer’s purchases can influence the way in which they perceive you. In fact, research carried out in the United States* found that:

– 48% of small retailers felt good packaging helped them to compete with larger stores

– 64% said packaging was an important part of their brand

– 49% felt that packaging is particularly important when it comes to online sales.

So what are the considerations when choosing tissue paper?


Colour can promote a certain mood or feel. For example, for cool sophistication think black, grey or luxuriously thick white. For a warmer feel, opt for buttermilk or perhaps a shade likecranberry. Metallic colours are very popular at Christmas time, so perhaps consider using silver or gold tissue paper if that is the image you are keen to portray.

Morplan has a rainbow of 20 colourful shades of tissue paper in stock in a choice of wholesale quantities so you can be selective in ensuring your brand is reflected in your packaging just as you would like it to be. There are three different shades of pink, three shades of blue and even two shades of purple.


To help, buy your tissue paper in ready cut squares. Morplan, the UK’s leading wholesale packaging supplier to retailers, offers packs of 240 sheets that have been pre-cut to 35cm2 – a size that, from their extensive experience, has been found to be perfect for wrapping gifts and accessories. These squares are not only cost effective for small retailers but they ensure wastage is kept to a minimum and the battle to try and stylishly fold in bulky excess is eliminated. Incidentally, these sheets are ideal for loosely stuffing into gift bags to create a bigger impression (our top tip to you).


Leave a stamp on your purchaser’s memory by adding a little personal touch – perhaps a branded sticker to seal the wrap, a trademark bow or a memorable print. Morplan has a range of funky candy striped, floral or dotty tissue paper that will ensure you stand out from the crowd, or for really luxurious look check out their elegant dove grey and white patternedbridal tissue comes with a matching seal.

Ensure the impression you give is the right one!

While essential white tissue paper bought in cost saving wholesale quantities is great for protecting delicate goods, do pay attention to the quality of the paper if you are wrapping for impressions sake. And never forget to check beforehand that the packaging will work with your product. The customer who arrives home to find their beautiful white soap has absorbed coloured dye from the poor quality tissue paper it was wrapped in is not going to be taking away the impression of your shop that you had hoped for!

*Survey of 200 independent retailers – carried out by Premier Packaging
(source www.retailpackaging.com/blog/2013/01/13-packaging-tips-that-boost-sales-for-independent-retailers/)

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