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Time for a Spring Clean and De-clutter?

by ssitton | 16th February, 2016

Retailer Resolutions Time for a Spring Clean and De-clutter?


A tidy and clean shop makes sales. How to transform your retail outlet


Whether you made it a New Year’s resolution to have a clear out, or you just fancy a spring clean, there are loads of ways you can declutter and streamline your shop. All you need is an enthusiasm to tidy, and a few handy items that’ll stack and store your necessities in the neatest possible way.


Tidy hangers


Let’s start with hangers. We know; they get everywhere! There always seems to be a selection kicking about on the floor, and when they don’t have clothes hanging on them, they simply look messy.
Stack all of your hangers in one place with a hanger stacker. You can get these simple gadgets for just £28.50 each and they’ll neatly stash all of your spare hangers vertically so they won’t get in a tangle and won’t take up valuable space.
On the subject of hangers is it time you chucked out the old importing some new ones?


Streamline those clothes rails


It doesn’t cost much to overhaul your coat hangers and when you see them all lined up, snugly fitting together so neatly, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it before. Hangers from the same range not only look good on the rails, but they should ‘fit’ together nicely too – so you can fit more on a rail, and without rumpling the fabrics.


Fashionable trends in coat hangers


We kid you not! There’s been a definite trend over the past year for coloured coathangers and if you check out Morplan’s eye-catching fuchsia finish wooden hangers you could be convinced as to why. They look fabulous, particularly when paired with chrome hooks and fittings!


Make selection simple


It’s also worth looking for hangers that allow you to add cube sizer markers so that customers can quickly find their size without rummaging through – and ruining – a beautifully neat display. Morplan’s bestselling tubular plastic hangers start from just 19p each and include a trouser hanging bar and a pip at the bottom of the hook that is designed to hold a sizing mini cube.

Get your sizing cubes in order


Talking of sizing cubes, just how do they manage to get absolutely everywhere?
And then when you need some you can almost guarantee that the size you are looking for, somehow cannot be found. Why not get super organised for 2016 with a plastic cubes organizer from Morplan? It’ll only set you back £7.95 and boasts 16 compartments – each of which can hold up to 100 sizing cubes.


Don’t get rallied, get a new rails and racking


If there are bags and clothes strewn all over your stockroom, transform the area by investing in a few good hanging rails and stockroom racking. Heavy duty drop flat rails start from just £26.95 each and you can make them work even harder for you with useful ‘add on’s’ such as wire shelves at the base, castors for easy maneuverability, extension posts and centre rails – both of which can greatly increase the holding capacity of just one rail.


Merchandising update


While you are in the decluttering mood, why not streamline your point-of-sale area too with stylish yet compact and space-saving acrylic pedestals and merchandisers. These are great for promoting impulse purchases at the till and we think you’ll be astounded at just how quickly you re-coup the £24.95 outlay on one in last minute sales.


In fact, it’s worth ensuring every item is displayed as neatly and as ‘viewable’ as possible. Whatever you specialize in selling, there are sure to be neat display gadgets to help – from pen holders to pedestals and shoe hangers to jewelry tree’s. As the UK’s leading wholesale and merchandising supplier to the retail sector Morplan has an unbeatable selection for you to choose from. And because they offer further discounts on bulk orders, you can save even more and future-proof your needs at the same time. Take their merchandising clip strips for example. A pack of 50 costs £8.95, but that’s a lot of well placed, eye-catching opportunities created that should quickly result in impulse sales.


On the more boring side of spring cleaning, don’t forget to:

– Stash away the year’s accounts and paperwork. A few well-chosen box files will sit neatly on your back room shelves quietly storing that crucial paperwork on the off chance that the VAT man might one day call…
– Keep all your seasonal decorations in one place – next Christmas will quickly come around, and you’ll be thankful if you’ve stored everything in neat stackable storage boxes – they start from as little as £4.75 each for a 24L capacity box. Pile them high to save vital floorspace.
– Ensure your first aid kit is in date, for the sake of your staff, and your health and safety paperwork. You can pick up a statutory kit – with all you need for 1 to 10 people – from just £12.95.


And finally, why not consider installing lockers in your backroom area? You might be surprised to learn that they start from just £119 and we can guarantee you will be startled at the difference they make both to the tidiness of the stockroom and in allowing staff a secure place to lock up their own belongings – no more personal bags to trip over stashed under the till…


So, there are a few ideas to get you fired up about decluttering and streamlining. It’s a job worth doing – not only for your own morale, but for the customer’s experience and hopefully an increase in sales to boot! The more viewable and accessible the stock, the more likely you are to gain a sale… and no-one can dispute the need for those!


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