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Spotlight on: Lick and Promise

by lmardling | 10th March, 2017

Here at Morplan we are committed to supporting small and independent businesses as well as big brands and like to go that extra mile for those who need it.
We are launching a new regular blog feature shining the spotlight on businesses that use Morplan products in the day to day running of their business.

Recently, we met with Marie Gallagher, the founder of Lick and Promise, an independent online shop selling beautiful and contemporary Kimonos, hand-made in Brixton, London.

Marie launched Lick and Promise in July 2016 after studying Lingerie Design at University. The intention was to be purely online based, however Lick and Promise recently had its debut at a Christmas fair in London.

“We lead complicated lives, right? Getting dressed into an effortlessly styled outfit everyday sounds like a dream, but in reality, who actually has the time?”


Marie spoke to us about how starting your own business is harder than she once expected, as she is a one woman army. Marie is the owner, designer, manufacturer, buyer and marketer for Lick and Promise. Although that sounds like a lot of work, Marie assures us that there is a silver lining! Being an independent retailer has allowed her to be creative and pursue whichever options she pleases, which is definitely necessary when you’re just starting out!

“Lick and Promise Kimonos are making getting dressed a whole lot less complicated. Just throw it on.”

Lick and Promise aim to take the stress out of getting ready for the day. Whether you’re jumping on the tube, grabbing coffee, heading to work or relaxing at home, the Kimono is the perfect garment.

Marie has been using Morplan products for quite a few years and started before she went to University when she worked in a small boutique, nipping into our London store on Great Titchfield Street to pick up packaging supplies and carrier bags.
Marie has shopped both online and in store for Morplan products – but now prefers to order online as it’s easier for her as she’s very busy running Lick and Promise.

“The word ‘Kimono’ translates as ‘thing to wear’, or as I think of it, THE thing to wear.”

Some of Marie’s favourite Morplan products include:

Black Tissue Paper (36934)
Supermatt Luxury Paper Carrier Bags (32719)
Black Wooden Velvet Tip Showroom Coat Hanger (84100)
E8 Hand Held Clothes Steamer (47099)
Robuso Tailors Shears (54508)
Pattern Hooks (41191-S)
Pattern Notchers (41207)
PatternMaster (41558)


Take a look at the beautiful Lick and Promise Kimonos here: https://lickandpromise.com/

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