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Our Top 5 Best Selling Hangers

by lmardling | 20th March, 2017

With a certain red-headed male musician dominating the charts at the moment, we thought it would be apt to share our top 5 bestselling clothes hangers, which, low and behold, come from mostly the same range!

Our #1 bestseller: The Rainbow 42 Black Plastic Coat Hanger (84228   

This iconic hanger really is a staple in every sportswear shop. The classic black style ensures it is always current and in-date. This stylish hanger has shoulder notches for straps and skirt loops and a ribbed trouser bar, meaning your garments won’t end up in a crumpled heap on the floor. At 42cm wide it’s a winner for both menswear and womenswear and the narrow profile of this hanger allows for high density displays. So really, a perfect all-rounder. One happy customer has even used these hangers for their wetsuits – wet and dry!

Our #2 bestseller: The White Wooden Wishbone Hanger with Bar (83530)

Number two on the list is our wishbone hanger with notches and a bar. The traditional curved wishbone shape keeps things simple yet stylish and ensures a good drape of garments. A chrome hook and the Matt white finish ooze sophistication and is a popular style for bridal and lingerie shops. The handy shoulder notches and a trouser bar means that your garments will stay put and in shape and the lightweight design is ideal for tops, shirts, skirts and trousers. Another great hanger which is part of a versatile range.

Our #3 bestseller: The White Wooden Flat Coat Hanger (80378)

Also from the White Wooden range, coming in third place, is our flat coat hanger. This lightweight design is perfect for tops, shirts, dresses and skirts, with shoulder notches to hold straps and skirt loops, keeping your garments securely hung. The narrow profile allows for high density displays and the chrome hook adds a classy element. These beautifully shaped solid wood hangers are the perfect staple in any store!

Our #4 bestseller: The White Wooden Children’s Coat Hanger with Notches (28cm) (83506)

This child’s hanger is another popular version from our white wood range. Complete with notches, its ideal for straps and skirt loops. The sleek and simple design is perfect for childrenswear tops, skirts, shirts and dresses. A great addition to your store if you already use our adult white wooden coat hangers – we believe it’s better to keep all of your hangers from the same range.

 Our #5 bestseller: The White Wooden Peg Hanger with Bar (83518)

You guessed it! The final contender in our top 5 is the wooden peg hanger with bar. The white and chrome combination radiates a chic feel and is perfect for skirts and trousers, with the chrome pegs being adjustable to accommodate many different size garments. Another member of the white wooden coat hanger family, this variant fits in with the rest of the range easily.


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