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Feed My Creative: An Introduction

by lmardling | 27th March, 2017

Here at Morplan we are committed to supporting small and independent businesses as well as big brands and like to go that extra mile for those who need it. We are launching a regular guest blog feature where owners of such businesses can share their tips, tricks, thoughts and creations with you through our blog.

The below post has been written by Janet from Feed My Creative, a ‘Creative Arts Studio’ and a social enterprise with an aim to bring out the creativity in young people and adults.

People have asked me a lot lately, “Why don’t you go back into designing clothes?” Back in the late 90’s after years of doing just that I lost my spark, my drive and my creativity. Fast forward to now as a textiles teacher and I felt that I was losing my drive and passion once again.  So what was missing?

“Pre-loved to Re-loved”

 I have been sewing and designing for 30 years and it wasn’t until I decided to leave a full-time job to go part time, that I realised I already had a plan.  I’ve had to be resourceful when funds were low and thought that old school values need to be brought back to life.  Two young people came to me and said can you teach us how to sew.  They didn’t want to go to college to learn but just wanted to learn the basic skills. Within a couple of days both had drafted a simple pattern from trousers they owned and made their own.

Soon after that, Feed My Creative was born. I realised well before then that not all young people strive in some educational environments and just need a platform to explore their creativity differently. So now my drive is to help others be creative and to try new things.

“My project gives people the freedom to learn in a ‘No Limits’ environment, learn basic skills and the means to know how to create things for themselves at a relatively low cost.”

My business Feed My Creative is about that, taking what others throw away and making it into something new and wonderful.  Why would you want to when you can buy things relatively cheap now? Well because there is nothing more satisfying than saying with pride; ‘I made that’.

From simple tote bags to handbags, from wallets to make up bags and aprons using curtains, blinds, quilt covers, pillow cases and cushion covers.  If I have an idea, I’ll try it out and the beauty of it is people not knowing what the item was in its former life.  I have been lucky that much of the fabric I have has been donated from a well-known retailer each time preventing textiles going to landfill.  If I had the space I would approach more retailers for donations the possibilities are endless. If I can continue to share my skills to give others both young and old that opportunity to feed into their own creativity, then I will be a very happy woman.





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