Realistic Mannequins

by Morplan | 24th February, 2015
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mannequinsDouble Take – Is this really a mannequin? It’s so incredibly realistic!

Here at Morplan we are justifiably proud of the range of realistic female and male mannequins we have developed and, if you haven’t come across one yet, we’re confident you will be impressed too. It’s just amazing how times have changed! In the past, a small independent retailer could never hope to compete with the high end chains when it came to creating really stunning visual displays – as they simply couldn’t afford the £900 a mannequin price tag. Yet now, you can pick up one of Morplan’s Realistic Mannequins from under £200 and you’d be hard pushed to tell the difference. How does Morplan achieve this? It’s one of their key strengths, as by buying in bulk and selling from stock, economies of scale become realistic for even the smaller store owner.

These really are worth a second glance so we caught up with Morplan’s Product Manager, Tracey, to find out exactly what makes the Morplan Realistic Mannequin range so special.

Superior build quality

The first thing to understand, explains Tracey, is the quality of the build. “It’s second to none. The mannequins we offer are on a par with those you would see at the high end of the high street, it’s simply that the manufacturing cost is low due to our bulk purchasing capability. We are talking exquisite paint finish, seamless joints, smooth surfaces and top quality materials in both the torso and the toughened glass stand that prevents the downfall of so many – a wayward topple following a nudge by a careless customer. Ok so Realistic Mannequins represent a fair investment for some of our customers, but we are confident these will stand up to the rigours of life in a retail shop and you will be reaping the return for many years to come”.

Realistic choices

Another great benefit, explains Tracey, is that you can cater to your specific market by choosing from a range of body shapes, skin tones and abstract poses. “Because each body has realistic contours (that have been sculpted to somatological measurements – which basically means properly studied real life measurements) clothes can be displayed as they would naturally be worn, showing off their true fit – hanging in the right places, clinging in others. We even offer female mannequins with other fine details such as holes for earrings, and separated toes for sandals or flip flops – enabling you to display a wider selection of merchandise that can be link-sold, while of course it helps fully embrace the lifelike aspects of the model’s look”.

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